7 Proven Ways That Have Increased My Website Traffic

how to increase your website traffic

1. Exchange and trade links with other websites. This is to get you some backlinks to your website. However, you must only trade links with websites that are related to the subject of your site. Not doing so will get you penalized by Google (according to one SEO expert that I’ve learned form)

You should also check the background of the website first. If the website contains nothing other than duplicate content, or using any “black-hat” SEO methods, you should NEVER have your links on their websites. That could also get you penalized!

2. Build a subscriber list on your website. This can either be your own unique newsletter or ezine, or a series of courses delivered to your visitors on a daily basis. By having your own subscriber list, you can keep in touch with your subscribers often and build good relationships with them. This will make them keep coming back to your site each time you have a new content published on your site.

3. Develop an online community. This could be in a form of a message board or forums. This technique is a bit tricky and requires a long-term plan to make it successful. Often I’ve seen many message boards and forums that are dead. When there’s very few participation in the forums, it will create a negative perceived value among your visitors. My suggestion is that you must already have a big list of subscribers who are actively engaged in your conversations before opening up a forum. You should also have a strategy on how to make it interesting for people to keep coming back to the forum. When done right, you will have a long-term organic traffic source that will be unstoppable!

4. Write unique articles and submit them to e-zine directories & websites that accept article submission. This is quite an old technique but it still works until now because Google and other search engines LOVE unique content. Don’t forget to include your information and URL address at the end of the article. If you do not want to write your own article, hire people to do it for you.

5. Give away freebies with your ad on it. Just make sure that you do not over-do this because you don’t want to attarct only freebie seekers to your website. Freebie seekers normally do not intend to purchase anything from the web. So do it sparingly and cautiously. There must be a good combination of free content, freebies and promotion in order to get you some sales and commissions.

6. Package your products or services into one enormous package deal with other offers. Then you could do joint venture deals with other marketers as well to promote the products. Not only will you get free traffic but you’ll also get a handful of subscribers to your newsletter.

7. Participate on forums and message boards. The key is to post answers to other people’s questions, thus helping others solve their problems. People will start to notice that you’re an expert in the field and they will start looking for you to get their problems solved. However, you should also do this sparingly and not to get over-board byt it. Some people make the mistakes of helping people too much without branding themselves as an expert. Most forums will allow you to include a small number of signature file at the bottom of your post. You must include your info there so that people can contact you when they need help, thus branding you as an authority in the field.

All of the 7 techniques above have worked well for me ever since I started doing online business in the year 2001. Do not under-estimate the power of these techniques. It does require a lot of work but the long-term results is more worthwhile.

Happy generating traffic to your site!

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