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Internet marketers devised ways in which to reach their customer base that were unheard of in the brick and mortar world of advertising and now these giants of innovation have come up with yet another method that defies all of the principles of advertising that have been established over the years.

This proven marketing technique that I’m talking about is called a “give away event” or a “Joint Venture give away event”

Can you imagine a group of brick and mortar stores getting together and agreeing to give free ‘stuff’ to one another’s customers? I can’t either. It isn’t likely that Sears is going to give something free to JC Penny customers, is it? Brick and mortar stores wouldn’t even dream of giving something free to stores that are not in competition with them. JC Penny would never give something free to customers of an automotive store even though JC Penny doesn’t sell automotive supplies. It just isn’t done in the brick and mortar world. But it IS done on the Internet.

When this marketing technique first came on the Internet, the Joint Venture give away was done only between October and mid-December to try to take advantage of the holiday shopping season but now the Joint Venture give away happens all year long.

The idea here is that people are more than one-dimensional. People who are deeply into Internet marketing, for example, also have spouses, kids, dogs, cats, like to ski or buy boats. People who are avid fishermen may also be interested in getting the best interest rate on their savings or learning to play a guitar. People may belong to one mailing list that reflects their main interest but that doesn’t mean that they are not interested in other products or services.

The fact that people are more than one-dimensional was noted by innovating Internet marketers. They devised a plan to take full advantage of the varying interests of people by putting together the now famous Joint Venture give away.

A Joint Venture give away is usually limited to a specific number of partners. Each partner offers a free gift which is almost always digital and downloaded from his website. These free gifts are usually E-Books, special reports or utilities that are valuable in some way.

Once a Joint Venture give away is organized, every participating partner sends the entire list of free gifts to the members of his mailing list. Those who sell Internet marketing E-Books on their websites will send offers for E-Books about ski vacations and guitar lessons to the members of their list. Those who sell ski equipment will, likewise, send free gift offers for Internet marketing E-Books to their lists.

Every partner advertises the free gifts offered by themselves as well as every other member of the Joint Venture give away and each and every partner in the Joint Venture give away has the opportunity to build his or her list.

As I said before, when the Joint Venture give away was first conceived of it was usually limited to the holiday shopping season but that is no longer the case. The fact is that it has proven to be such an effective list building opportunity that there is almost always a Joint Venture give away or two or three going on at all times of the year now. That number is growing by leaps and bounds as marketers realize the value.

The phenomenal success of the Joint Venture give away begs the questions, how does one put together a successful Joint Venture give away or find one to join?

The answer to finding one to join is really rather simple. You just do a search for ‘Joint Venture give away’ using your favorite search engine and you will find more than a few. Choosing which Joint Venture give away to join can be a little tougher. Remember that you are going to be required to send all of the offers in a joint give away package to all of the members of your list. You want to be sure that the offers are ones that your members will not find objectionable so you need to know who the other participants will be and what they will be offering as free gifts.

Creating your own Joint Venture give away is probably the better option. It is fairly simple to put together a Joint Venture give away but it will require a good deal of hard work. Rather than advertising for Joint Venture partners to participate in your Joint Venture give away, seek out each partner individually and limit the number.

For example: if you are selling Internet Marketing How-to books, you might choose two or three other marketers who sell similar products. Then you might want to look for other marketers who sell products that are totally unrelated to your niche like a marketer who sells fishing supplies and one who sells guitar lessons, for example. Make you Joint Venture give away as versatile as you possibly can.

People really do have many dimensions. They are interested in many different things and those who belong to one mailing list may very well be interested in belonging to another mailing list or even buying the products and services that they find through a Joint Venture give away.

Internet marketers are always looking for new and innovative ways to build their lists and advertise themselves and their products and services. The Joint Venture give away is only the latest way that they have found. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

There are many scripts that help you to organise a Give Away Event effectively while eliminating much of the hassles involved. Among them are Ultimate JV Giveaway Script, Simple Giveaway Pro & Delavo.

Hope to see you succeed in your next list building success using Give Away Events! 🙂

Best Regards,

Zai Adi


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8 thoughts on “Build Your List Fast With Give Away Events”

  1. Maybe I should reach out to my competitors and also related websites and pitch them the idea of joint venture. We all offer different solutions to either the same problems or related problems, so it could benefit us all if we promoted each other using our email list. I’m beginning to think that I may have been looking at internet marketing with a close mind.

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks.. Yes you should just go for it! Take action today and don’t procrastinate. Your list is your online ‘bread and butter.’ Once you have a decent list size, you can start doing JVs. Just remember to build good relationships with your list and you should be fine.

  2. JV giveaways is something that I have never thought of. Thank you! I am going to bookmark this because I will be referring to this information as I am looking for JVs right now for my product.

    1. Hi Mimi,

      yes you should give it a go. I forgot to mention on this article on where you can get your own product for the giveaway event should you need one that is not entirely 100% yours from scratch (I know it’s not easy to create our own product. But of course having your own product developed from scratch is much better).

      This is a good source: You can re-package the product so that it’ll look like new. Brand the product (place your URL link, opt-in page, etc) before giving it away. 🙂

      Hope this helps..

  3. I’m always afraid of sharing ideas for the fear that they’ll get stolen. I know people who think like me don’t get too far in life, but I think it’s just my personality that makes me so distrusting. When it comes to joint ventures I ask myself what’s there to stop my venture partners from slightly changing my product and selling it to 100 percent profit. I know, I being really narrow minded here, but I just can’t help it. Mr. Adi, have you ever felt like me when you first started your joint venture?

  4. Giveaways are always good ..
    I host regular giveaways .. whenever I get a new 500 followers, I put up a give-away ..
    It is also important to spread the word regarding giveaway ..
    a series of simple tweets with the tag #GiveAway do the trick ..

  5. I’ve never considered the giveaway with brick and mortar stores. It seems to be a pretty used practice online but never made the real world connection.

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