Case Study – $22,441 in Sales – Private Label Rights Videos Fire-Sale #2

So after about a year later I finally launched the second fire-sale involving PLR videos package. The number of video series remain the same at eight, however there were less JV partners and affiliates who promoted this event. I sure do know that the date clashed with other fire-sales from other marketers as well, therefore many affiliates had to choose.

This was my 2nd attempt in running a fire-sale involving video series. As planned earlier, I used it on the domain name:

Nature of The Fire-Sale:

This time I started the fire-sale with a price tag of $97 instead of $47 during the first firesale. I did something interesting to test out the response – a dime sale. It simply means the price increases every second instead of each pre-determined amount of days.

From this test, I managed to deduce 2 findings:

  • There is a group of people who is against this type of dime-sale practice. They expressed their dissapointment to me regarding this. They said that if not because of this pricing model, they would have bought the package. Whether or not they’re speaking the truth, I have no idea. For me as a marketer, I would like to test things out instead of trying to please everyone.
  • Another group saw the price increase as one of the main reasons to quickly take action and buy. This group represents the majority of my customers.

Details of Promotion:

Package Price: $97 to $197, increasing every second ($297 after the fire-sale ended)

“One-Time Offer Gold” Package Price: $147

“One-Time Offer Silver” Package Price: $77

Affiliates Commissions: 50%


Final Results from My Delavo E-Commerce Screenshots:

Total sales of the main package: $19,193.42


Total sales of the “One-Time Offer Gold Package”: $2,940


Total sales of the “One-Time Offer Silver Package”: $308


Total Front-end sales: $19,193.42

Total OTO Gold sales: $2,940

Total OTO Silver sales: $308

Total sales: $22,441

Sales from affiliates: $9,514

Net Profit: $9,679.42

My Comments

Although the total sales is higher than the 1st firesale, the net profit this time was much lower. This was due to the higher amount of incentives that I gave to my affiliates & JV partners than the previous firesale.

Despite the lower number of affiliates promoting this event, there was a “super affiliate” (whom I’m not supposed to reveal due to privacy request) who managed to the get the majority of the total affiliate sales. His efforts did ‘cover’ the loss of other affiliates. This also shows how important a super affiliate is to a marketer’s success. It has really made a HUGE impact in the overall sales.

From this case study, it is obvious that attracting super-affiliates is far more important than simply getting a huge number of affiliates to promote our products. Quality is far more better than quantity.

To Your Success!

Zai Adi

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10 thoughts on “Case Study – $22,441 in Sales – Private Label Rights Videos Fire-Sale #2”

  1. I know that these fire sales have worked, because these educational resources work. Don’t over look this, for who ever is reading this.

    1. It has worked well and I believe it always will… period. Despite having a ‘unique name’ (firesale) within the internet marketing community, this is just like a one-time special offer event held occasionally. People ALWAYS love special offers! 🙂

  2. I’m far from achieving such results, but nonetheless it’s very inspiring to read about your fire sales and their impressive results. I’m working hard to improve my writing to produce better articles, products, and promotional emails. I still have a long way to go, but I’m optimistic that one day I too can be as successful as you are.

  3. Yeah,

    affiliates do help .. they are the main reason behind my thriving business .. I was never good at selling..
    You got a super affiliate .. let me see what my affiliates are doing and help them with a small token of gratitude ..

    thanks for sharing the post ..

  4. when you say the majority of affiliate sales came from one super affiliate do you mean like 90%+? Also if that is the case is it better to direct attention towards only recruiting a few super affiliates rather than many average affiliates?

    1. Heather,

      That’s more like 70%+.

      To answer your question, it is much better to FOUCS your efforts on recruiting super affiliates. However, don’t disocunt the potential of normal affiliates as the profits could add up to a huge amount when you have a pool of “normal affiliates” that bring in decent number of sales for you.

  5. I am not a good seller regardless of how good my product is. I know that the only way I would get such sales as finding super affiliates. How do you find them?

    1. Hi Sandra,

      finding super affiliates is easy BUT being able to convince them to do a joint venture is the hard part. You will have to build good relationships with them over a period of time, OR if you are already someone successful online, it would be much easier to do a win-win JV. It also depends on your offer whether or not it complements their products.

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