Case Study – $18,327 in Sales – Private Label Rights Videos Fire-Sale #1

This was my first attempt in running a fire-sale involving video series of my own production with private label rights(plr). I bought the domain name: specifically to run this and future fire-sales involving plr videos.

It took me about 4-5 months to prepare this fire-sale. When I say preparation, it also includes developing the video tutorials myself instead of just focusing on the promotional aspects.

For most very successful marketers, they outsource practically everything… from product creation, writing of sales letter, finding JV partners, designing of the site, etc. I’m just a small fly, that’s why I need to do everything myself. 🙁

Most of my customers & online friends have known me for creating many video series, so many were willing to help out when I invited them to promote this fire-sale.

Nature of The Fire-Sale:

I started the fire-sale with an extremely low price tag of $47. I know it’s damn crazy to offer it at such a low price. However, it did have an impact on the initial number of sales especially when most of the buyers were my own customers. 🙂 It didn’t came across their minds whether or not the quality of the videos are great because they have already seen my work… of course they’re my customers. 🙂 For others, the low price tag might have a physcological effect on the quality of the product.

Soon after 2 days, I increased the price to $67. Sales still came in pouring like normal. I increased it again to $77, then $87, $97, $107, $117, and eventually $127. The best part is that the conversion ratio didn’t show any much difference. This shows yet another proof that increasing the price of your product doesn’t necessarily mean lower sales, in fact at certain times it does increase the number of sales… as long as you can justify the offer with the high price.

Most people are conditioned at the back of their heads that if the product offer seems to be so good and yet the price is too low, that would mean something is not right somewhere – either the quality is bad or there is a hidden catch. They don’t want to take the risk, so they’re careful not to accept and buy the product.

Details of promotion:

Package Price: $47 to $127 ($297 after the fire-sale ended)

“One-Time Offer” Package Price: $97

Affiliates Commissions: 50%


Final Results From My Delavo E-Commerce Screenshots:

Total sales from the main package: $16,193


Total sales from the “One-Time Offer”: $2,134

Total Front-end sales: $16,193

Total OTO sales: $2,134

Total sales: $18,327

Sales from affiliates: $7,220

Net Profit: $11,107

My Comments

This was my first video plr fire-sale and of course naturally, I was estatic with excitement. I understand that the figure is not comparable at all with other top marketers’ results but for me, I consider it a huge success especially when I did not have any subscriber list at that time. I just relied on a small number of customers who are willing to promote this firesale for me.

From this case study, I would also like to add an important point. As I’ve mentioned before, I did not have any subscriber list except for a small handful of customers. From just this handful of customers, I was able to rake in a total of $11,107 in net profit for my firesale.

Just imagine how much I can earn if my subscriber or customer list size is way bigger than this one…

Can you see the power of having loyal customers now??

All the best!

Zai Adi

ps: Do you have any comments or feedback? Just leave them on the comments box of this blog. Thanks..

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9 thoughts on “Case Study – $18,327 in Sales – Private Label Rights Videos Fire-Sale #1”

  1. Fire Sales are key to getting your marketing business launched professionally, but make sure you educate yourself before practicing it. This is good material to use if you want to have good fire sales

  2. As much as I’m impressed at the money you’ve made, I’m even more impressed that you had the drive and work ethic to work for the same project for 4 months. I have a tough time writing 10 articles a day, so imagine me trying to tackle a fire sale project such as yours. It just means I still have a long way to go in terms of learning this market and learning to become more dedicated on what I do. Great job man.

    1. Hi Sebastian,

      Thanks for the compliments.

      Actually 4 months is nothing to be compared with other big marketers who plan way ahead than me. They managed to pull off a HUGE fortune from those events.

      If you have tough time writing 10 articles per day, try outsourcing. That could help a lot in your business.

  3. The post and the figures are sure inspiring .. I have no idea about private label rights or anything as such .. let me check out what they are ..

  4. I know the price if it’s too high can turn people off to buying but since you initially offered the package for $47 do you think that may have had an effect on sales? Someone seeing the offer as too good to be true sort of deal?

    1. Yup that’s true, which is the reason why most marketers who run successful firesales will inform readers about the reasons for the severely discounted prices.

      As long as marketers are honest & truthful about it, interested prospects will not pass the offer as “too good to be true”, instead they’ll grab the package as quickly as possible in order to avoid further dissapointment. This normally happens to those who already knew on how they can benefit from their purchase.

  5. It is best to have a low price so people will be getting something that they see will be valuable yet that they can afford. But making it too cheap is a mistake.

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