Case Study – $7,997 in Sales – Wedding Honeymoon Fire-Sale

Hi Loyal Readers,

During my wedding period I planned on running a “Wedding Honeymoon Fire-Sale” to help me cover some costs for the wedding event itself.

Originally it was supposed to run before the actual wedding day itself but somehow it was postponed due to the overwhelming amount of preparation work for both my wedding & the firesale.

Therefore, after the wedding I went for my honeymoon trip at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia. The air was very fresh and cooling especially during night time. …

I still remember the night when I emailed all my JV partners and subscribers from the desktop computer of the hotel lobby at Equatorial Hotel. Things got more hectic and thus the firesale got postponed again for the second time.

This is the first lesson learnt – Always add more days, weeks or even months ahead from the anticipated time of the firesale. The anticipated amount of work is always less than the actual volume amount of work itself. …

After the second postponment date, a damage has already been done. A few JV partners decide not to proceed with the promotion. This is due to the fact that they themselves have their own schedule and time-table for other events and promotions. So when I changed the date again, somehow it undermines my credibility as a marketer. Because of this, I was forced to find more new JV partners when I came back from my honeymoon. It was very very hectic.

There were only a few days left before the firesale (I think it was only 3-5 days).

Despite the short notice, I still managed to get around 3-4 more JV partners.. and I still managed to get a few more product contributors… phew thank God!


Details of promotion:

Package Price – $47

Upsell Package Price – $67

Affiliates Commissions – 50%


Final Results

Total Sales – $7,997 Percentage of Sales derived from Affiliates: 22%

The real value of the package is more than a thousand dollars but it was sold for just $47 during the firesale which lasted for 5 days only.

All the best!
Zai Adi

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8 thoughts on “Case Study – $7,997 in Sales – Wedding Honeymoon Fire-Sale”

  1. Automated systems like these are amazing when it comes to looking for time flexibility. This system is a great tool for situations like the honeymoon.

    1. Hi George,

      Sorry if I did not get your message but this isn’t an automated system. This is just like any other special offer events. However, the main theme & purpose were specifically made to fund my honeymoon expenses. LOL.. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you in adding more days than you think for a project to be finished. Unfortunately I made the same mistake several times before finally adjusting my methods, but you have made the correct adjustment after only one mistake. Kudos to you buddy.

    1. Yes it’s true. It’s hard to anticipate all those ‘unseen, last minute things’ until the big day is about to come. LOL.. 🙂 I’m actually glad that I experienced it so that I can learn to avoid the same mistake again.

      Anyway thanks for your comments.

    1. Hi Santhosh,

      thank you for your interest but the sale is over.. if not I wouldn’t be able to get the final sales statistics on this post, would I? 😉

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