Exact 19 Step Blueprint Used To Generate 4150+ Sales and $34,428.13 With WSOs

19 Steps Blueprint WSO

I came across a forum post from the Warrior Forum about how this guy generated more than 4000 sales and $34k+ in sales. The good thing is he showed everyone his EXACT 19 steps blueprint on how he accomplished that success. He basically spilled the beans and left no stone unturned.

Now let me me first tell you that despite him giving out his exact formula, it may or may not work for you.


Because if you go through the steps, you’ll learn that this isn’t a quick money-making scheme. This is a business. A business that requires a LOT of work, just like how you work hard for your boss everyday in order to earn a pay check monthly.

So What Is WSO?

WSO stands for “Warrior Special Offer”. Presently, the most popular Internet Marketing forum on the Internet is without doubt the Warrior Forum. If you have been in this niche for quite some time, chances are you’ll definitely have come across this site, whether or not you realize it.

In the past, the warrior forum was only accessible to Warrior members (although the forum link wasn’t password protected) who have bought the warrior membership for around $49. I was a member at that time and I can still remember the members area that was filled with TONS and TONS of information.

In fact, I have to admit that my first information overload syndrome was as a direct result of that membership. It didn’t do good for me as my perception was that the more information you give to others, the better it is.

So I emulated the site by creating my own version of Internet marketing membership site, putting in tons and tons of information products that I bought reprint rights to.

In the end, it did more harm than good to me. I only realized it much later on that besides overloading myself, I was also overloading all my members and customers with information. You can read a part of my internet marketing journey on this post.

What happens afterwards was as soon as the forum becomes more and more popular, the owner Allen Says decided to offer a section for members to be able to promote their own products and services among themselves. At that time, posting there was totally free of charge.

I did a couple of offers for my video products and were well received at that time. It was easy. Plain easy. And the response was overwhelmingly positive (unlike today with very strong competition)

In fact, there were very few cases of spammers who took advantage of the section in order to spam their offers, unlike today when Internet marketing niche is gaining way too much momentum.

So this section that I’m talking about is called Warrior Special Offer, and people just refer it to as WSO.

The Exact 19 Step Blueprint

The exact 19 step blueprint was written by Paul Nicholls. Below are the 18 general steps which he take every time he creates a new WSO.

  • Create Product
  • Create Pre-Launch List
  • Create WSO Sales Page
  • Install Optimize Press
  • Create OTO Page
  • Create Download Pages
  • Create JV Page
  • Install WP- File Lock
  • Give Out Review Copies
  • Set up Product in WSO PRO
  • Set up List in Aweber
  • Create Bonus Follow up Sequence
  • Contact Affiliates / JV Partners
  • Launch
  • Email Pre-Launch List
  • Email Other Relevant Lists
  • Provide in Thread Support and Answer Emails and Messages
  • Contact People that received Review Copies to Leave Feedback

I won’t be copying the content and paste it right here for obvious reasons, so I invite you to click on this link in order to go to the forum post.

Hope this helps a lot for your online business!

Best Regards,
Zai Adi

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