Facebook Ads Results [Updated: 5th May 2014]

Dear Readers,

In my previous post here, I wrote about how my facebook ads performed terribly. Almost everything went wrong and I backed up my findings with other people’s advertising tests with Facebook as well.

It sure looked like not only Facebook advertising does not work but the results seems to suggest a lot of fraudulent activities are going on within the overall system.

Well I’m now going to report otherwise..

Facebook ads DOES work.. period.. and is still working EXTREMELY WELL.. 😀


you knew how to market via Facebook effectively..

I (and most people) have been doing the wrong way, had been targeting the wrong audience with the wrong offer. And I have been going through the lazy route of just hitting the Promote Page/Post without learning the advanced strategies of Facebook advertising by those whom are WILDLY successful with it.

I Took The Time To Study Facebook Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Last three weeks I decided to sit down and learn all that I could about Facebook advertising from Michelle Pescosolido. The training is part of My Lead System Pro (MLSP) membership which I’m a Mastery member with it.

I took down notes diligently, rewinding back & watching the video a couple of times and taking important screenshots and notes to make sure I got them right.

So, after applying the techniques and strategies to the first advertisement campaigns, here are some of the results that I got:

You can see from the above screenshot that I managed to obtain REAL FACEBOOK LIKES from REAL people for as low as 3 cents per click!!

It’s freaking awesome!

I was so ecstatic that I reported this result on MLSP’s Facebook group 🙂

When you ad is performing well, Facebook will churn out a quick note like this one:

My campaign is performing better than 70% of similar campaigns! 🙂
The campaign’s cost per click is better than 90% of similar campaigns.

Education On Online Marketing Is Important

This serves me as a reminder to be patient and always invest my money & time to learn the effective strategies & methods of online advertising before embarking into a specific promotion. Consistent testing & tracking are the keys to getting successful campaigns, which equal to more profits, more confidence and more motivation to continuously keep on moving forward until I achieve my ultimate goals..

I also urge you to do what is necessary before wasting your advertising dollars. Take the time to invest in yourselves through constant education and learning. Eventually, you will one day be a successful internet marketer and live the dream that you’ve always wanted.

That’s all for today and see you again in the upcoming posts.. 🙂

To Your Success With Your Facebook Ads,

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