Failure Leads To Success

failure leads to success

Failure Leads To Success

There is nothing more than the truth from the above statement.

Every now and then, most people will experience failures at some point of their lives. It is the nature of how this world is created to run. There are some who even said that failure is the mother of success.

Success and failures help to balance life on earth.

If every single person in this world is successful and wealthy, who is going to help the poor? When will human ever learn about being compassionate towards mankind?

If every single person in this world is poor and live a miserable life, will the generation of mankind even exists in the future when no one is there to help and change the condition of the people?

The same principle applies to business.

We cannot afford to give up just because we failed in our initial attempt(s). Many successful people around the world can testify on how they went through a lot of failures before they finally attain the success that they desire. What is important is to NEVER give up. When we never give in to our weakness and keep on trying, we will eventually be successful. That is when failure leads to success.

Hard work is needed no matter what. This isn’t a ponzi or “get rich quick” scheme. This is a real business opportunity where people are bound to succeed or fail.

However, network marketing allows distributors to help one another towards achieving this goal. It is the strong team and bond that will help keep everyone going instead of being left behind in the race.

This is one of the benefits of network marketing, just like what Robert Kiyosaki mentioned in his video which I have posted it here.

I’ve read many of testimonials about people who have failed miserably in network marketing but later on managed to acquire the success that they dreamt of. At the same time, I’ve also read about stories where people tried and failed in network marketing and gave up totally with it.

[quote]Michael Jordan once said: “I’ve failed over and over and that is why I succeed”[/quote]

Do not do it for yourself, instead do it for your wife, your children, your family and other bigger reasons that you can think of. 🙂 Do not give up! Pull yourself together as a team and start working towards achieving your goals! Always remember that failure leads to success so don’t quit.


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