How To Make Money On Facebook – My Failure & Success

How To Make Money On Facebook

How to make money on facebook is currently a hot question on the internet right now…

There are only two ways:

1) Pay for the facebook ads (fast method!)
2) Post quality & valuable content (slow method unless you can make the content viral)

You can also do a combination of both like how most successful Facebook marketers do.

Facebook is just a platform to advertise your offers. Your offers can come into two forms:

1) Promote your own products
2) Promote other people’s products and earn commissions (affiliate marketing)

Therefore, when you want to know on how to make money on facebook, you first need to have an offer to promote. Once you have an offer, you will then use Facebook as a platform to advertise your offers there.

That’s it!

It’s simple! BUT…

Marketing using Facebook requires a skill to do so successfully. You need to learn from the masters who have done that successfully. You just need to follow their blueprint in order to do it right. Only when done right, you will start to understand how to make money on facebook.

My First Attempt On How To Make Money On Facebook Failed Miserably

My first facebook ad campaign was failure. I lost a few hundred dollars as I did not get any qualified leads and facebook likes to my page. No one bought anything from the campaign.

I thought that Facebook ads is just another scam until one day, I stumbled upon My Lead System Pro (MLSP) membership.

I joined watched the Facebook video training on how to market effectively via Facebook. It’s one of the few credible sources that you can find nowadays on “how to make money on Facebook”.

Video Training On How To Make Money On Facebook

The video training was done by a lady named Michelle Pescosolido.

Michelle Pescosolido built her 6 figure business in just 6 months using Facebook. She managed to retire her husband from healthy corporate America salary due to this very HUGE success.

Remember about my first Facebook campaign which I mentioned earlier in this post? Well, after learning Michelle’s training videos and applying the strategies to my next Facebook campaign, the result changed drastically and this is what I managed to achieve (Open in a new window).

To date, Michelle & Bill have achieved a healthy 6-figure monthly earnings in their online business. (Note: This is NOT a typo. It’s really 6 figures monthly, NOT yearly)

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to follow the footsteps of Michelle and eventually succeed on how to make money on Facebook?

One of the frustrating things about Facebook is that there is so much darn potential to suck in leads and pull in new recruits…

But if you’re not doing things just right…you’re toast! Trial and error is one way of finding out how to do things, but it’s definitely the long road to getting to where we want to go… Facebook is no doubt a wealth of endless leads, if you know how to market yourself and your business correctly…

The bad news is that right now you might not know HOW to do that…. However, very few people have been able to truly crack the code when it comes to connecting with these people like she has.

Here’s a bit of what will be revealed on the video on how to make money on facebook:

  • How to craft a well-oiled marketing machine that allows you to Print Money on Demand using JUST Facebook…
  • A sickeningly simply way to get 31 fans and generate 10 leads in just ONE HOUR with a stupid-simple viral strategy that will leave you jumping up and down with joy.…
  • How to avoid the traps that make 97% of the people who “try” Facebook fail. She’s going to show you how to be one of the highly admired 3% that succeed wildly!…
  • The quickest way possible for getting your content to go viral on Facebook (the traffic and leads that flood in from this super-simple technique will blow your mind!)…
  • The hottest strategies for creating a social community that engages with you 24×7 and ensures you constantly and consistently go viral…
  • How to Maximize Your Profits using the 3 types of Facebook ads for getting ‘likes’, getting your audience to engage with you, and getting tons of customers, leads, and new recruits!…
  • Plus tons more for building a Massive Facebook Empire for yourself and your family…

There you go. There’s TONS of valuable information on how to make money on Facebook from Michelle’s video training. I learned a lot from her training and it is due to the very reason why I’m able to start seeing success on my 2nd Facebook advertising campaign onwards.

To Your Success With Facebook!
Zai Adi

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