Leveraging on Joint Ventures

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I am a BIG fan of joint ventures!

Without doubt it is the fastest and most profitable way that I have ever experienced in gaining subscribers & customers.

Everybody wants a Joint Venture for the very simple reason that they are lucrative… and ‘lucrative’ is an understatement. The first, most important and most on-going task of every Internet marketer is to build an opt-in list.

There are basically three kinds of lists and all of them are not created equally.

First there are lists that are bought… these are just about worthless.

Second there are lists of potential customers. Potential customer lists are valuable because they are lists of people who have opted in to a mailing list and may well buy something at some point but they haven’t as yet.

The third kind of list is the ‘paid customers list’. The paid customers list is the one that is very, very, very valuable. This is a list of people who have actually bought a product or service. They have already proven that they will spend money. Most importantly, the paid customer list is one of the factors that potential Joint Venture partners will base their decision of whether to Joint Venture with you or not will base their decision upon.

So… building a paid customer list is the number one task for an Internet marketer. In order to build a paid customer list, you may well have to give something away. One of the best ways to build a paid customer list is to offer a product that is relatively inexpensive… say one that will sell for $9.95 or even $19.95… to Joint Venture partners and allow them to keep all of the profits from the sale. That’s right. Give them 100% of the profit… the whole $9.95 or $19.95 that the product sells for. I have also mentioned this technique briefly in the previous post right here.

Additionally, you must always offer generous commissions and ample support to all of your Joint Venture partners. This is never a place to cut corners or get greedy and you credibility is always on the line.

To Your Next Successful JV,
Zai Adi

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6 thoughts on “Leveraging on Joint Ventures”

  1. I know that a lot of things sound a lot easier when they come from seasoned veterans in internet marketing, but nonetheless the techniques laid out here do sound very promising. I’m in the process of building a list as well, but it’s a long and tedious process when you don’t have massive traffic. I think this is true. Make your competitors do the work for you while at the same time you make the joint venture worthwhile for them. It benefits both parties so it’s fair, but in the long run I come ahead. There’s nothing wrong with that in fair and competitive business.

    1. Hi Leroy,

      I agree and I can testify based on my little experiences that joint venturing is one of the fastest ways to achieve huge success. It’s definitely a short-cut method, however one needs to work diligently through all the obstacles that are needed before he is able to convince the other JV partners to collaborate.

      If not due to my JV partners, I would not have achieved the small and humble successes in my past firesales as written on my other blog posts.

  2. I have a product coming out and looking for some good JVs because I know that is the way that will help me achieve my financial goals quicker.

  3. For people that have worked 9 to 5 jobs for so long, it’s very hard to think outside the box right away. Yes, I’m talking about me. We’re conditioned to work like machines, doing the same tedious job 5 days out of the week. When it comes time to be creative we just don’t have the mental capacity to think differently right away. Reading this article makes me realize my flaws even more. This makes me realize why I only make a few hundred a month working so many hours on my website, while the pros like Zai Adi make thousands. Joint venture sounds like such a simple idea, but I bet only a tiny percentage of internet marketers actually take advantage of it. Think outside the box and take a chance, that’s what I should learn to do.

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