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I started experimenting Internet Marketing after I stumbled upon a few online business opportunities while doing my school project work in the computer lab somewhere in the year 2001. At that time I was doing my Diploma in Business Studies.

I did not have any proper guidance or a mentor to coach me, which is why I went through a lot of failures during the first few years of doing online business.

Soon after going through a lot of studying, experimenting, testing and learning from trial and errors, I managed to develop my first two video products that teaches the basic technical aspects of Internet Marketing and step-by-step instructions on how to install scripts on your server.

These videos were developed to help newbies cut their learning curve and be able to set up their online business in a faster way rather than the traditional reading (theory) method.

A few months later, I developed another video series that teaches on how to create a mini-site with Dreamweaver. I received a lot of positive feedback over these videos, and as time passes by I developed my first and exclusive videos membership site, which has been sold to another marketer in the year 2011.

If you would like to read more about my Internet Marketing Journey, please click here.

Even though I primarily talk about online business on my blog, I also do love to write about other stuff – anything that I feel like writing. I feel so confined and rigid when I restrain myself with making money online niche.

It restricts my creativity and the ability for my mind to think out of the box. Despite what the gurus out there that mostly teach about the need to have a specific niche topic on your blog, I now beg to differ and prefer do otherwise, which is to write about topics other than making money online.

I’ve found many online bloggers who think the same way. Sometimes it’s just so hard to write just on one topic when you know you have a lot of talk about, especially on our daily personal life and experiences. Business is business, but we are humans too. Humans too need rest and some form of entertainment.

Due to that very reason, I now include more general topics like sense of humour, self-improvement, personal stuff, health, rants, ramblings, etc..

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