Sites Sold… So What’s Next Zai?

Most of my customers were informed about the selling of my business sites last month. I did launched a blowout sale on the 7th of June 2010 explaining briefly about the decision that I made. For those who have no clue about what I’m talking about, that’s part of the reasons why I’m writing this short post. 1st – to make an announcement about my sites which have been sold. 2nd – (which most people want to know) my upcoming plans on what I’ll be venturing into instead.

1- The Announcement

After years of hard work and sweat, I have finally decided to leave my main niche – video creation. Why? I am totally burned out with constant video creation. For the past few weeks I’m venturing into niche sites with affiliate marketing Why? Because I’m tired of going through my life sitting down on the computer for long hours.. It affects my health and relationship with my wife and family… furthermore, I have my own personal passion which I have always wanted to do (but unable to) but I.M/video creation is bogging down my time and energy…

2 – What’s Next Zai Adi?

So I’m looking towards affiliate niche marketing so that I don’t have to worry about customer service, product creation, etc.. I know the money is less in affiliate marketing but now I value my time, relationships and my personal passion more than anything else… I also like to provide services… so instead of I.M. products, I’d prefer spending my time doing an online service like creating blogs, and get paid for my time rather than earning from I.M. products.. this is just my personal preference… and I shall feel good about it from this work. In the meantime, I’m still doing the customer support for my sold business, especially with Hot Marketing Videos Membership.

A Few FAQs

Qn) Are you still doing Internet business?

Ans) Yes of course, but in a different niche besides video creation. I’ll also be offering web services like blog installation/creation, script installation, hosted e-commerce accounts, web hosting, etc.

Qn) Are you saying that you will totally leave the video niche?

Ans) No, what I mean is I shall not be developing video series from now on. If the niche I’m venturing into requires video tutorials for customer support, that’s absolutely a different thing. Even if the need to promote using videos arises, I shall be outsourcing them instead of developing my own. If there are services of Private Label Rights videos that are constantly being updated for a low monthly fee, that could also be my interest. In short, my own video creation series will no longer be my cup of tea to develop & regularly update.

Qn) So who’s going to be in charge of your sold sites?

Ans) That goes without saying, the new owner of course! 🙂 Ian Del Carmen of Fireball Group has taken over the business, however as of now, I’m still doing the customer support as the transition of familiarizing with my sites may take a long time. That’s is why I’m still helping him. By the way, the new customer support help desk is (Link Outdated).

Qn) I’m a loyal customer & subscriber of you. Where shall I find you Zai?

Ans) This very site you’re reading! 🙂 All updates about my products & services will be informed right here where it belongs.

Any comments? Please leave them below. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Sites Sold… So What’s Next Zai?”

  1. Hello, This Very interesting and enlighting, fully understand what you are going through and contemplating. Makes sense. Also Ian Del Carmen is a good man and entrepreneur, smart, enrgetic and solid action taker – and good friend of the “Maestro” John Delavera )

    is it OK to say it is still all in the family and friends circle ? I mean this in a good and comforting way for the customers and members.

    Sounds like you are doing the right thing, Family is very important, cannot neglect for a long time.

    Will keep in touch,

    your subscriber, customer and friend

    Nick Naggar, California




    1. Hi Nick,

      Thanks for your comments..

      Yes you’re right! Relationships with family comes first priority. No point working my butts off while not being able to enjoy life with them.

      And yes I chose Ian Del Carmen to take over as I very much prefer someone who is so experienced & established in this Internet Marketing field to take over instead of an unknown starter. This way I’m sure my members will be well taken care off. 🙂

  2. Any hope for new members wishing to join? Will they all the video materials listed in your sales letter?

    What about customer support services?

  3. Hi Ben,

    The membership still accepts new members. In fact there isn’t any plans on restricting membership. I believe all the video materials are still there as before. Customer support is now being taken over by the new company.

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