Social Media Strategy – Does It Work?

Social Media Strategy

Does social media strategy work? Or is it just a complete waste of time as claimed by many people who cry out loudly after losing thousands of advertising dollars? Let’s take a serious look on this topic.

Social media is by far the current most popular method being utilised by many companies & individual marketers to promote their products & services.

If you’re unclear what social media is, here’s a definition according to Wikipedia:

[quote]Social media is the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.[/quote]

Among the most popular social media site is Facebook, period. Almost everyone (and I’m sure that includes you) has at least a Facebook account, whether or not the person is an active user or otherwise.

Other popular social media sites include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest, etc.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategies

Many people have ventured into social media sites to get across their products & services to the masses. While some people swear by it and make a killing out of it, most people whom I’ve known said that social media advertising does not work.

They claim from their own advertising testing campaigns that people are not willing to fork out lots of money on social media sites, as their main intention is to socialize and hang around with the people there. They’re NOT in the buying mode…

In fact, what this group of people’s opinion actually reflects on my first Facebook ad campaign debut (click here to see). It was a complete failure! I wrote down my experiences in my blog post to ‘prove’ to everyone that my social media strategy using Facebook ad does not work! In fact, it’s a scam in my books.

But does such a statement carry any real truth to it?

Am I being fair in my judgement in the first place?

Well Here’s The Truth…

Social Media Strategy WORKS! And It Really WORKS BIG TIME!!

[quote]The reason why most people fail in social media strategy is due to the fact that they’re doing it completely wrong. There are proven ways, methods & strategies that work extremely well. The only thing that we need to do is to follow those who have done that successfully.[/quote]

Yes.. just follow them…

Just follow what they’re doing..

Here are a few examples of how these people are really making a killing out of social media strategy:

Case Study #1: Social Media Strategy using Facebook (& Twitter) by Michelle Pescosolido

Michelle Pescosolido built her 6 figure business in just 6 months using Facebook. She managed to retire her husband from healthy corporate America salary due to this very HUGE success.

Remember about my first Facebook campaign which I mentioned earlier in this post? Well, after learning Michelle’s training videos and applying the strategies to my next Facebook campaign, the result changed drastically and this is what I managed to achieve (Open in a new window).

To date, Michelle & Bill have achieved a healthy 6-figure monthly earnings in their online business. (Note: This is NOT a typo. It’s really 6 figures monthly, NOT yearly)

Case Study #2: Social Media Strategy using YouTube by Mark Harbert & Frank Marino (Mojo Twins)

Mark Harbert & Frank Marino (a.k.a - Mojo Twins)
Mark Harbert & Frank Marino (a.k.a – Mojo Twins)

Mark Herbert & Frank Marino (also known as ‘Mojo Twins’ by MLSP community) have been leveraging YouTube to build their online business to the next level. Their 5 figure monthly earnings from their online business (which is attributed mostly to Youtube marketing for FREE) has guaranteed their financial independence without depending on nine-to-five jobs like most people on this planet do.

As I’m writing right now, I’m already in the midst of doing more Youtube promotional videos to build my online business, thanks to the video training that I’ve learned from them.

If you’re serious about getting SERIOUS FREE Traffic to your offers, suck in leads and eventually increase your sales & bottom-line, you MUST watch their video training here. They reveal to you how they manage to suck in 14,000 leads using in 8 months using just YouTube.

Case Study #3: Social Media Strategy using Instagram by April Marie Tucker

April Marie Tucker is a online network marketer & a home business professional. She’s also know as ‘Instagram Queen’ by MLSP’s community due to her expertise in getting free quality leads and sales using Instagram.

Her video training below teaches you how to get 31+ Leads Per Day for FREE, easily monetize Instagram, and get thousands of followers in a matter of days.

There you have it…

The above case-studies contain four links to training videos on social media strategy, namely through:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

No matter what people are saying and giving merely opinions and biased reviews on social media strategy, these experts have proven to us that social media does work in building a wildly successful online business.

They have laid down the proven ways and strategies for you to emulate and follow.

Now what is left is just you…


  • If you’re serious in changing your life to the better…
  • If you’re serious in giving the best life for your family…
  • If you’re serious in giving the best education to your kids…
  • If you’re serious in solving all your financial difficulties that you’re currently facing…

Then these social media strategy from these experts will definitely help you get to that level AS LONG AS you’re willing to do what it takes to be successful.

Go ahead and start your social media strategy training right now…

All the best!
Zai Adi

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