Solo Ads Results With Adam Napolitano


On 4th of March 2014, I purchased a “solo ads” offer from Adam Napolitano for 100 clicks. Details of his solo ads service can be seen here from the Warrior Forum.

He ran my ad two days later. Here are the details of the advert:

Product promoted: Get Fans Make Money from MLSP
Sales Page: Click Here To View
Squeeze Page below:

Get Fans Make Money Squeeze Page

I promoted only the squeeze page in order to gain leads and subscribers. The squeeze page above was generated using Funnel Kit, instead of using MLSP’s default squeeze page.

Here are the results of the solo ads campaign:

Overall Campaign Summary

– Bought 100 clicks for $40.
– Adam delivered 120 clicks (over-delivery of 20%)
– Total leads/subscribers generated: 45 (37.5% conversion)
– 45 subscribers means about 88 cents per subscriber
– Sales: 0 (Still following up)

Breakdown of Leads/Subscribers Countries

Out of the 45 subscribers:

  • 20 from United States
  • 1 from United Kingdom
  • 2 from Canada
  • 1 from Australia
  • remaining 21 from European, North America & Asian countries

In total, about 53.3% of the subscribers are from Tier-1 countries! I didn’t have the time to go through each subscriber but I noticed that I also got a handful from Europe, North America & the remaining from Asian countries from this solo ads result.


Tools Used In This Campaign

Hyper Tracker
Funnel Kit


– I made a mistake of not including an exit javascript popup, which could resulted in higher leads/subscribers conversion ratio, as what I’ve been doing now with other advertising campaigns as well.

– Overall I’m satisfied on how this solo ads campaign worked out.

– I highly recommend working with Adam to get your solo ads. Great customer service from his side.


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  1. Thanks for post Zai its great to know you had some good results I am just looking at doing some solo ads… very useful feedback thanks again

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