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On 21st of March 2014, I continued my solo ads campaign by purchased one from Eugene Collinger for 1,000 clicks at $560. Details of his solo ads offer can be seen here.

He ran my ad 3 days later. Here are the details of the advert:

Products promoted:

1st squeeze promotes MLSP Academy with $2 trial.
Exit popup 1: 2nd squeeze promotes Facebook course
Exit popup 3: 3rd squeeze promotes Mastery Pack

Again, I did not use the default squeeze pages provided by MLSP, rather I created my own squeeze pages using Funnel Kit. Below are the squeeze pages:

Squeeze Page 1: MLSP Academy


Squeeze Page 2: MLSP Facebook Training

Squeeze Page 3: MLSP Master Lead Generation Pack



Here’s the swipe copy:

Hey hey,

I just got done watching a 29 minute video that
actually showed me how the top earners are KILLING
it online, and it blew me away at how SIMPLE it can be.

You’ve got to watch this F*R*E*E 29 minute movie
for yourself IF you want to surgically inject MORE
LEADS, MORE REPS, and MORE CASH into YOUR business.

Check this out…

* In the first 34 seconds you will know the #1 critical
skill-set you must master FAST if you want a profitable,
sustainable home-based business (note: if you mess this
up, I guarantee you will fail like 95% of your peers)

* In minute 6 you will witness their secret weapon you can
start implementing immediately that will get your prospects
to whip out their credit cards, buy your stuff, and join
your business! (this is even more dangerously effective
if you’re brand new and NEVER made a dime with your business)

* In minutes 20 and 21 you will 100% understand WHY you
haven’t hit a $10,000 PER MONTH income YET, and you
will receive their simple 7-step bullet-point “Action
Blueprint” so you can get more leads, more reps, and
more cash for your business starting today!

* And so much more!

You owe it to yourself to watch this movie now
because it will change the way you do business forever.

Yah, it’s that powerful.

Click Here to watch it NOW:


Talk soon,

P.S. Fair Warning: What you are about to see is one
of the most POWERFUL presentations I’ve seen in years.
No hype, no fluff. You’ll see what I mean when you



Here are the results:

Eugene sent me a total of 1,145 clicks (additional 145 clicks).

Final statistics is 49.53% conversion across all 3 squeeze pages.

I only manage to get 1 sale of MLSP Academy 3-day trial. This shows that my offer/funnel needs to be re-vamped a lot.


Solo Ads Campaign Summary

– Bought 1000 solo ads clicks for $560.
– Eugene delivered 1,145 clicks
– Total leads/subscribers generated: 567 (49.53% conversion)

In total, about 76% of the subscribers are from Tier-1 countries!


Tools Used In This Campaign

– Pretty Link
Funnel Kit


– After testing the squeeze pages on a few solo ads campaigns, I’ve decided to ramp up the promotion by doing this 1000 clicks campaign with Eugene. The result is very disappointing as the product & funnel did not convert well with Internet Marketing solo ads niche. However, a lot of people have done very well with Eugene’s list, promoting products besides MLSP. It looks like MLSP does not do well with this niche and thus, I’m pulling off the plug for this production on future solo ads campaigns. MLSP might work well with other traffic sources and not with I.M solo ad niche. So this campaign will be the last solo ad campaign for MLSP, period.

– Eugene has the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. It’s truly a huge blessing to get the opportunity to work with him. Unlike MANY solo ads vendors whom I’ve dealt with, Eugene is simply the best out there. He’ll respond to your emails quickly and make sure you’ll get the best out of him. I’m honoured to have met him online. He has gone all out to help me with my “solo ads” campaigns without showing any signs of resentment or unhappiness. I recommend you to work with him and I’m sure you’ll not regret it.

– Overall, even though the solo ads campaign has not generated further sales other than the first one, I have built quite a number of subscribers who are now members of my membership site.

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