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On 7th of March 2014, I resumed my solo ads campaign by getting one from Robert Mangan for 100 clicks. He offered the first 5 buyers Tier-1 clicks from premium countries and I quickly grabbed it. Details of his solo ads offer can be seen here from the Warrior Forum.

He ran my ad within 8 hours. Here are the details of the advert:

Product promoted: My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Academy & Mastery

I did a split test (50%-50%) between two squeeze pages, which redirected to two different sales pages. However, please note that despite the difference in sales pages/squeeze pages, their main difference is just the membership levels. MLSP currently has 3 membership levels – Academy, Gold & Mastery. So even if someone joins Academy, he could upgrade to a higher membership level anytime.

This campaign is to test the difference in conversion between Academy & Mastery squeeze/sales pages.

Again, I did not use the default squeeze pages provided by MLSP, rather I created my own squeeze pages using Funnel Kit. Below are the squeeze pages used for this “solo ads” campaign:

Squeeze Page 1: MLSP Mastery

MLSP Mastery Squeeze


Squeeze Page 2: MLSP Academy

MLSP Academy Squeeze


The traffic is split equally between the 2 squeeze pages.

Here are the results:

Robert Mangan Solo Ad Stats

Robert sent me a total of 115 clicks (over-delivery of 15%).

Squeeze page 1 received 58 clicks with 22 opt-ins (37.93% conversion with no sale)

Squeeze page 2 received 57 clicks with 18 opt-ins (31.57% conversion with 1 sale)

Despite squeeze page 2 that promoted MLSP Academy received lesser conversion opt-in ratio, it resulted in 1 sale. This could probably due to the $2 price tag for a 3-day trial, as opposed to a $9.97 10-day trial for Mastery level.


Solo Ads Campaign Summary

– Bought 100 Tier-1 premium clicks for $50.
– Robert delivered 115 clicks (over-delivery of 15%) according to my Hyper Tracker stats
– Total leads/subscribers generated: 40 (34.78% conversion)

Additional Leads/Subscribers

I actually received an additional 5 opt-ins, which resulted in a total of 45 opt-ins.

So how did I manage to get these?

It’s simple…

I set up an exit popup page. This was done right from inside my Funnel Kit plugin.

There was another squeeze page promoting an entirely different product. So those who did not opt-in from one of the squeeze pages above had the option of either leaving the page entirely, or continue reading the next offer that they’ll be getting.

As a result, there were 5 opt-ins to the exit squeeze page. 🙂

Therefore, the total leads/subscribers that I got from this campaign is 45 (39.13% conversion)

Imagine if this is a campaign of 1000 clicks! That would mean additional 50 subscribers/leads!! 🙂

Breakdown of Leads/Subscribers Countries

Out of the 45 subscribers:

  • 35 from United States
  • 3 from United Kingdom
  • 5 from Canada
  • 1 from New Zealand
  • 1 from Nigeria! (????)

In total, about 97.77% of the subscribers are from Tier-1 countries! I was promised 100 tier-1 premium countries unique clicks, so I have no idea where the subscription from Nigeria came from (but my Getresponse ref tracking did prove that).. LOL..

However, it doesn’t bother me much because Robert has over-delivered the solo ads clicks anyway… 🙂 So he delivered what has been promised from the deal.


Tools Used In This Campaign

Hyper Tracker
Funnel Kit


– The exit javascript popup resulted in higher leads/subscribers conversion ratio. You should be implementing this strategy in your advert to save the exit traffic which you paid for!

– The squeeze pages can still be improved. In my opinion, I will need more clicks in order to get a better conversion ratio and results between the two squeeze/sales pages

– Overall, I’m VERY satisfied with this solo ads campaign. I’m looking forward to getting more clicks from only tier-1 premium countries and they are most likely to join. In fact, the 1 sale that was generated from this solo ads campaign was a member from United States.


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