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On May 2014, I purchased a “targeted traffic” package from Terrance Charles for 1,000 real unique visitors. Details of his targeted traffic offer can be seen here.

He ran my traffic campaign on 5th of May 2014 and completed all 1000 unique hits on the 9th (within 5 days).

I set up two main offers and split test the two equally into two. So each campaign will receive 500 unique hits.

Product promoted: My Lead System Pro (MLSP) Academy & Mastery Memberships

This is almost the same kind of advertisement with Robert Mangan’s list & Fabian Tan’s list, except that the squeeze pages are slightly different from the previous campaigns. This time, I created the squeeze pages right from the back-office of MLSP itself under the Campaign Management section. This way, I can easily track & read the statistics of the campaigns and able to see immediately the conversions of the campaigns.


Campaign 1
Squeeze Page 1: MLSP Mastery (With Image)


Campaign 1
Squeeze Page 2: MLSP Mastery (No image)


Campaign 1
Squeeze Page 3: MLSP Mastery (With Video)


Campaign 2
Squeeze Page 1: MLSP Academy (With Image)


Campaign 2
Squeeze Page 2: MLSP Academy (No Image)



I split test a total of 5 squeeze pages as seen above. The traffic is split equally between two main campaigns. Each campaign will rotate equally with the number of squeeze pages that are set up.

Terrance sent me a total of more than 1,098+ unique hits for this targeted traffic campaign. I got a total of 72 leads and 1 sale of MLSP Mastery trial from the total campaign.

Surprisingly, the squeeze pages that performed the highest conversions are as ranked accordingly as follows:

1 – Campaign 1: Squeeze Page 1 (with Image)
2 – Campaign 2: Squeeze Page 1 (with Image)
3 – Campaign 1: Squeeze Page 3 (with video)
4 – Campaign 1: Squeeze Page 2 (no image)
5 – Campaign 2: Squeeze Page 2 (no image)

The one with images out-performed those without it and the one with video.

Targeted Traffic Campaign Summary

– Bought 1000 unique hits for $197.
– Terrance delivered 1,098+ clicks
– Total sales generated: 1

Tools Used In This Campaign

MLSP Back-office


Overall, after looking back and comparing this result with other ad campaigns, I’m satisfied not so satisfied with this targeted traffic campaign despite resulting in just one sale from more than 1,000 unique hits. I got a total of 72 leads where 10% have un-subscribed so far. If we were to calculate the cost per lead, this targeted traffic campaign turns out to be more expensive than other reputable solo ads vendors. To me, the result shows that the targeted traffic offer doesn’t appear to be targeted to my MLSP offers. I also wonder if it’s targeted to any other internet marketing offers as MLSP normally converts very well. However, I highly recommend working with Terrance as he is an honest marketer with integrity.


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