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FREE Service!

Starters/Newbies, Worry No More!

Many starters/newbies are having huge trouble with installing WordPress on their sites. If you’re a non-technical geek type of person, most likely you’ll be having trouble with it too. WordPress installation requires setting up a database, file permissions and dealing with FTP clients. This is where our services come in to fill in your needs.

We are offering free WordPress installation service in return for something (see below).

It’s really simple. We will install and set up the Platinum WordPress package for you at no cost to you. So what does the Platinum Package offer? Here it is:

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You can see this service being offered on our website by clicking here (but do NOT order from there. Come back here).

So Is There Any Catch Zai?

Yes of course there is!

To get the Platinum Package for FREE, all you have to do is to order any web hosting plan from SiteGround using our link below. When you order from the link, I will get a commission from the company from your purchase.

So it’s a WIN-WIN situation for both of us!

You get the website installed with a premium theme with a bonus premium plugin, and I get the small commission.

(In fact, the commission that I will get is WAY smaller than how much I can get from charging at the full price. I’m doing this to help you get started right now. This offer may not last as I’m not sure how long I can afford to take in such deals developing the site takes up my time)


Web Hosting

Click Here To Order Your Web Hosting


You MUST use the link above. Not using this coupon may result in not getting the commission that we need from SiteGround, which in turn, you will not be able to get your free wordpress package


Once you’ve done that, please let us know by using this form here.
(You must submit the form within 14 days in order to claim your free website. If not the offer will be void)


Hope to see you with your blog soon!

Best Regards,


Zai Adi

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